Darcy Flierl, LCSW, CAP

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker [LCSW] since 2006, and a Certified Addictions Professional since 2008, Darcy has helped families and individuals achieve personal outcomes that result in happier, healthier more peaceful lives. She has experience in individual and group setting therapy on an outpatient basis both through private practice and as a clinician with Tykes & Teens.

I wish to inspire transformation for individuals and organizations by assisting them in identifying their own personal assets, and identifying solutions to barriers that are currently preventing them from fulfilling their personal and organizational mission statements.

~Darcy Flierl, LCSW, CAP

Whether you are an individual looking for a licensed psychotherapist to support you through many of life’s challenges or simply wanting a professional to guide you in achieving your dreams, I would be honored to assist you in your life’s journey and your personal pursuit of happiness. I’m also available to assist non profits in furthering their mission by providing leadership on specific projects such as: marketing, public relations, event planning, grant writing, program development and creating infra-structure for their agency.

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