Ecopsychology is a therapeutic technique and ideology that tries to treat people psychologically by bringing them spiritually closer to nature. Ecopsychology is outside conventional psychology. Ecopsychology studies the relationship between human beings and the natural environment through both ecological and psychological principles.

Ecopsychology seeks to develop and understand ways of expanding the emotional connection between individuals and the natural environment, thereby assisting individuals with developing sustainable lifestyles, and remedying alienation from nature. In the immortal words of John Muir, renowned naturalist, author and environmental philosopher:

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.

~John Muir
Watch for our Ecopsychology events schedule to post here as soon as COVID-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted.

We utilize ecopsychology to repair the gap that we believes exists in industrialized man’s psyche, and through which we are set in an adversarial mode that separates us from the rest of creation. This causes us undue stress and anxiety but also removes us from a most excellent source—nature for healing our ills, easing our minds and healing our hearts. 

Through the use of:

  • guided nature walks
  • breathing
  • musing and meditation

Within the healing halls of Mother Nature’s beauty, we take the opportunity to reunite humans with their environment. Exposure to nature helps:

  • restore psychological balance
  • improve mood
  • reduce stress and anger
  • assist relaxation
  • improve physical health
  • release endorphins
  • improve fitness
  • boost confidence
  • increase self-esteem
  • create community
  • re-establish connection
  • develop peer support 
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