Integrative Mental Health

Our philosophy is grounded in evidence-based, trauma-informed clinical social work theory and practice, while remaining inherently connected to the growing fields of mind-body medicine, and / or complementary and alternative medicine [CAM]. We aim to integrate, collaborate, unite, or yoke all elements of client care. We’ll work with all the colleagues in the healthcare and wellness professions at our disposal in service to gathering the healing potential of all these dimensions. In so much as we regard the client holistically, we also endeavor to regard the possibilities collaboration among practitioners in the same fashion. We believe in embracing all modalities that serve the greater good of our clients.

The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine states that:

the fundamental goal of an integrative approach to mental health is identifying the most appropriate treatments (both conventional and complementary) that safely and effectively address the symptoms of the individual, while taking into account personal preferences, cultural beliefs and financial constraints.

~The Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

The American Psychiatric Association supports this position and further defines Integrative medicine as:

the practice of combining conventional medical treatments with non-conventional (“alternative” or “complementary”) ones.

~The American Psychiatric Association
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