Paul M. Bertolino, LCSW

I am a compassionate and caring counselor who operates from a humanistic perspective; that is–the desire to see everyone reach their full potential. I do not see the client as a diagnosis; but as a person. Trauma-informed and crisis-experienced, I have worked with people dealing with the challenges of poverty, deprivation, loneliness, physical illness, low self-esteem, psychological, physical and sexual assault, abandonment, neglect, child abuse, and substance abuse. I have experience working with children and families afflicted with autism.I use a collaborative and holistic approach. I recognize the client as a partner in the process, and as an expert on what besets them. I help the client experience healing through the practice of mindfulness and unconditional positive regard.I serve as a guide to help the client gain insight into obstacles to their happiness. I help you define what you feel; to assess and access your strengths. I encourage you on that path. I am your co-worker in the process. Client and therapist, we plan together to create strategies for more productive and serene living; in the immediate and the future.

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