Sage Senior Counseling

The issues facing senior citizens are extremely challenging and far ranging: diminished health, loss of loved ones, isolation, ageism, economic hurdles, depression, just to name a few.

At Sage Senior Counseling, we are here to help. Serving as advocate, reference, counselor, educator, we can provide the kindness, patience, education–often just the listening ear, that unburdens the heart and makes finding solutions possible.

We understand what families undergoing the aging process face. We understand the science of geriatrics, the bewildering influence of cognitive decline, and the despair of isolation and loneliness. At Sage Senior Counseling, we also know the power of community, the uplifting merits of support, the grace enhancing potential of efficacy through learning new coping skills.

We honor the elderly. They are our fathers and mothers too. At Sage Senior Counseling, it is our mission to uphold the elderly. They are the bedrock of our society. We are proud and prepared stand by them, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. We are here to guide and assist them; to refer them to whatever other services they may need, so they may live their fullest lives.

We are Sage Counseling. Veneration of our seniors is part of what we wholeheartedly believe.

~Paul M. Bertolino, LCSW
Executive Director, CEO

Sage Senior Counseling is dedicated to providing services to local our senior population. We see our mission as helping to bring

  • happiness
  • wellness
  • fitness
  • mindfulness and
  • togetherness

into the lives of our seniors.

Get in touch with us for an appointment. We are available for in-home visits, appointments at our office and via phone or video telehealth.

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